erupee is one of the safest and easiest ways to pay for your online shopping. erupee allows the customer to shop online simply using cash without having to share critical information like credit/debit cards or net banking account details.

  • Don't have a credit/debit card or net banking?
  • Worried about using your credit/debit card or net banking online?
  • Want something easy and simple to use?
  • Prefer to use cash when you shop online for products and services?
  • Don't worry erupee is here.
How Does erupee Work?

ERUPEE POINTS are shops that have partnered with erupee to facilitate this easy to use system. Using our simple and easy ERUPEE POINT LOCATOR, find the nearest erupee POINT. Simply provide your Location or Postal code to find names and locations of all erupee points in that area.

Simply pay cash at the erupee point and ask for a digital cash voucher of the website where you wish to shop online. You can purchase a voucher of any amount ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 50000.

The voucher details comprising of a voucher NUMBER and PIN shall be instantly sent to you via SMS and email.

Now simply use the voucher to pay for your online purchases. All our partner websites have provided a new payment option for vouchers Powered by erupee.
A Few Tips You Would Want To Know
  • The easiest way to find an erupee point is by using our erupee point locator.
  • erupee points also offer services like Bus Ticket Booking, Mobile and DTH Recharges. Feel free to ask your erupee point manager about these services.
  • If you have any queries related to online shopping/payments - feel free to ask the manager at the erupee point.
  • A voucher comprises of a Voucher Number and Pin.
  • To use a voucher select "Vouchers powered by erupee" payment option on the ecommerce website.
  • If you cancel an order the money is recharged back into your voucher.
  • You can use a voucher multiple times.
  • A voucher can be topped up with more cash anytime you want.
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